Thursday, July 3, 2014

Get a Diving License to Have More Chances of Fun-Diving!

Back in college, I had an ear injury and the doctor told me never to dive, or never to put my ears in strong pressure.

But I'm kind of stubborn.  I fly in pressurized cabins.  I also go swimming, above or under water.  I was kind of worried at first, but swimming is a life skill.  I set my fears aside and tried to learn the basics of swimming.  And even tried immersing myself under water for several seconds.  My ears didn't hurt.  That was the start of me thinking about trying out diving.

With a bad left ear, I made it 12 meters under the sea!  Coz I'm able to do it, you can, too, if you want to.  So here's some info on its how's and where-to's.

But Why Would You Want a Diving License?

I asked the same question to myself.  The answer is, if you want to have more fun-diving experience, you will need a license to get cheaper fee and to have real fun.  Without a license, you will need a personal pro-diver to assist you.  That would cost you.  The diver will be on your trail, and most of the time, holding you, may even just drag you under water, because you will not be allowed to explore under the sea on your own.  There will be a lot of limits in your exploration underwater.  And that is no fun at all. With  a license of your choice, if you really want to engage in this activity, you will experience the essence of fun-diving.

What to do?

First, find a diving academy to help you get a license.
Second, choose the kind of license that suits you.  The most common are open water and advanced. But  there are other types of licenses.  Your agency can explain this to you more.
Third, prepare yourself and your wallet;
Fourth, set the date and enjoy!

Find the right place to get you a license

        I'm not talking here about PADI or CMAS and other license-giving bodies of the diving world.  What I'm talking about are the third parties that can connect you to these license-giving bodies, agencies that will train and teach you the how's, the do's and the dont's of diving.  There are a number of them  in Mactan.

          In my case, I was recommended by a friend to register at FRIENDS DIVING ACADEMY.  It's just a small company and it's new.  So I like it there because most of their diving equipment and gadgets are new.   All the staff are super friendly and very eager to attend to your needs and requests.  The best part is, they serve  hearty yet healthy complimentary lunch and dinner!

         If interested, you may contact the general manager with this mobile number: +63-932-229-5756. His name is Joseph Flores.  He is all out to help you out.

Choose which license you need

          Because I am recommending you to register at FRIENDS DIVING ACADEMY, here's a list of the licenses (with corresponding fees) you can get through them.  If you only want to have some fun-diving activities in the future, I'd say an Open Water diving license is good enough.

     Preparation is the secret to any success stories.  You don't need complex preparation for this activity, though.  You only have to be ready for the sea, with the sun, and with your body condition.  So remember the following:

1. Make sure that you have your SPF with you during the activity coz the sun will not spare you on your way back and forth to the open sea.

2.  Get enough sleep before the activity because you will spend a lot of energy in lifting and carrying your oxygen tank as well as in  flipping your legs in the right way.  Right breathing is very important in diving, so be in a very good condition before engaging in it.

3.  Get ready for the license fee.  The cheapest license is between Php5500 and Php6000 averaging to Php9000 and even up to Php18000 or more depending on the license you want.  Refer to the list above for the details.

Get set, enjoy!

         Training to get a diving license can last from 2 days to a month, depending on your choice of license.  The first day is mostly about diving orientation and training in the pool.  Whatever is the designed training for your license, just enjoy, because the magical world under water is waiting for you there!!!

getting ready!



scene during the lesson (me)

scene during the lesson (where am I?)

scene during the lesson (me ahead of them)

and we're done for the day ^^